At 1pm the audience will gather at the main stage for the great Onion Eating Competition.  Competitors come from far and wide to attempt this feat.




The first round of the competition is the Ladies event. Each entrant is given a 5 ounce peeled raw onion to consume in the fastest possible time. 





The second round sees the men chomp their way through an even bigger onion, a whopping 7 ouncer, like it's an apple.





Once the onion is consumed the contestant has to hold their arms outstretched and mouth wide open for the judges to declare them the winner.




If you fancy a go, just leave your name with the team near the main stage in the morning
and turn up at 12:45 pm.

Happy chomping - and don't forget the mouthwash!


     Previous Winners     


Ladies - Leanne Wright in 50.9 seconds
Mens - Alex Navari in 43 seconds (Onion Fayre Record time!)



Ladies - Lur Aguiluz in 1 minute 37 seconds
Mens - Alex Navari 45 seconds 


Ladies - Leanne Wright in 1 minute 14 seconds
Mens - Alex Navari 1 minute 16 seconds


Ladies: Sarah Davis

Mens: Sean Wozencroft


Ladies: Sarah Davis in 1 minute 30 seconds

Mens: Sean Wozencroft in 1 minute 35 seconds


Ladies: Sarah Davis in 1 minute 44 seconds

Mens: Phil Bullock in 1 minute 14 seconds


Ladies: Sarah Davis in 1 minute 24 seconds

Mens: Phil Bullock in 1 minute 6 seconds


Ladies: Janet Schmulevitch in 2 minutes 7 seconds

Mens: Sean Wozencroft in 1 minute 42 seconds