Street Stalls, Trader Applications

This is an application for a vacant pitch, no canopies or tables are provided. Pitches are mainly in the streets and car parks on hard surfaces but there are some on grass. Pitches are available for businesses or individuals to sell their wares and come in the lengths as listed below. The maximum depth of a standard pitch is 3m including canopy overhangs. A compact pitch is 1.5m maximum depth.


General Information

For anyone applying who has not attended before, Newent Onion Fayre takes up the whole of the centre of the town. The town is closed to vehicular traffic and stalls are located throughout the main streets, the car parks and in the park. Stalls in the streets are all on tarmac surfaces, those located in the park and other areas will in some cases be located on grass. All food village stalls are located together in one tarmac car park along with the cookery demonstration marquee.


Setting up 

  1. Fairground rides are able to set up between 7.30pm and 11pm Friday evening. Operators must check-in with the organisers before setting up, and follow any directions given. Do not bring your equipment into town until you have permission.
  1. All other stalls are able to set up from 6am on the Saturday morning, and must be ready to trade by 10am. 
  1. Pitches are all numbered and marked on the ground. 
  1. Stallholders applying online, or providing an e-mail address will be sent their pitch number and a plan showing its location a few days prior to the event. In the absence of an e-mail contact, if a mobile phone number is provided, the pitch number will be sent by text. Stewards at the barriers will also carry a list of pitch allocations and positions. 
  1. A full plan of the Fayre layout will be on display in the Market House on the day. 
  1. There will be a one-way system in place for stallholder vehicles during Saturday morning set up.
    Pitches with B, C, F and M prefix: Entry to the town for Church St, Broad St, Market Square, Food Village, and Memorial Hall stalls will be from the Gloucester Road end of town.
    Pitches with L prefix: will need to enter town down the High St from the traffic lights. 
  1. Vehicle access for stallholders and entertainers into the area is for dropping off purposes only. 
  1. Unload your vehicle and then move it away to the car park. Please be considerate to other stallholders, one poorly positioned vehicle can cause a lot of problems in the narrow streets at this time. If you have a trailer, remember that the hitch is part of your pitch and not your part of your neighbours pitch! 
  1. All vehicles must be removed from the streets by 9 am. 
  1. Stallholders in the streets will be issued with a car park pass to allow them to park in the official car parks. Food Village stallholders and stallholders in the Memorial Hall car park will be able to park in the designated area in the Co-op car park. (Please note: if you leave your vehicle here it will not be possible to move it until the streets are opened by the Stewards at the end of the day). 
  1. If you unsure of your pitch, or have any problems, please contact a steward before setting up.


During the day 

  1. The Fayre opens at 10am and continues though until 5pm. 
  1. The streets can get very congested at times during the day and stallholders must keep to their allotted space.  It is important that emergency vehicle access is maintained at all times so please do not encroach out into the street. 
  1. Please ensure that doorways and shop entrances are not obstructed, and that the pavement behind your stall is kept clear. 
  1. Pitches should be kept tidy. Stallholders are responsible for dealing with and removing their own rubbish. 
  1. Stewards will be checking those stalls where certificates need to be displayed, and fire extinguishers are required. Please make sure you have them where it applies to you. 
  1. If goods are sold out, a display should be mounted to maintain public interest. Stalls are not to be dismantled until the end of the day. 
  1. If any problems are experienced during the day, please contact a steward or report to the Market House.   
  1. First aid facilities are located in Court Lane opposite The Old Courthouse, easily accessible from the Market Square, Broad St, LeWall St, The Lake area, or Church St via the back of The Shambles.


At the end of the day 

  1. Stallholders may pack up their stalls from 5pm, however no vehicles will be allowed back into or out of the area until the Safety Officer gives permission. This will be at some point after 5pm when the crowds have dispersed sufficiently for it to be safe. Stewards are unable to allow any exceptions, and for safety reasons we have to allow the crowds to clear before we can open the streets. 
  1. It is helpful if everyone, including fairground rides and other attractions, stop trading at 5pm as this will encourage the crowds to clear more quickly. 
  1. Please be patient and remember the Stewards are as keen as you to pack up and finish!  
  1. The one way system will be in operation again at the end of the day.  Entry will be from the Gloucester end of town. Vehicles waiting to enter the town should not obstruct side roads or driveways. 
  1. Stallholders must remove all rubbish from their pitch and take it with them at the end of the day. The Onion Fayre organisers, who are all volunteers, cannot go home until the streets are cleared, and with 2 large skips of rubbish to clear from the visitors, we don't need any extra!


How to apply

Fill in the application form and complete the risk assessment form and send them to us.

To download an application form in Word format, click here.

To download an application form in pdf format, click here.


The pitch fees for a standard street pitch are as follows:

Trade Pitches


Hot Food
or Licensed

Street Pitch 3m



Street Pitch 4m



Street Pitch 5m



Street Pitch 6m



Compact Pitch 2m





Some applications will also need to include copies of other documents. These are detailed on the application checklist. We must have copies of all required documents to be able to approve your application.

If your application is accepted and approved, you will be sent a request for payment and a ‘Stall Reference Number’. Payment will need to be paid within 14 days to guarantee your allocation:

Internet banking (preferred method)

Sort Code: 30-93-48
Account No. 03745898
Reference: enter the ‘Stall Reference’ found on your payment request.


If you wish to pay by cheque, please make the cheque payable to ‘Newent Onion Fayre’
Send it to Alison Offord, Alland Nurseries, Botloes Green, Newent, Glos. GL18 1DW
quoting your ‘Stall Reference’ found on your payment request.


If you have any queries, please call Stalls Co-ordinator, Alison Offord on 07960 731180



Stallholder Terms and Conditions 

  1. Applications for stalls must be received by 31st July. Late applications will only be considered at the discretion of the organising committee. 
  1. Successful applicants will be notified, and a request for payment issued, which should be paid within 14 days to confirm acceptance.  If payment is not received by the due date the stall may be offered elsewhere. 
  1. If space has been paid for which will then not been used please inform the Stall Co-ordinators by 16th August - refunds will be subject at a £5.00 administration charge. 
  1. Pitches allocations are made about 1 week before the Fayre. The Committee’s decision on allocation, size and placement of stalls will be at their sole discretion and is final. 
  1. Stallholders must keep within their pitch markings.  Tow hitches on rides or catering trailers MUST be included within the space that has been applied for. 
  1. Stalls may not be dismantled or packed up before 5.00 p.m.  - should goods be sold out prior to this a display should be mounted in the stall space to maintain the public’s interest. 
  1. All stallholders must complete and return Risk Assessments with their application. 
  1. Food sellers must have a valid Food Hygiene Certificate, a copy of which must be returned with their application. A copy must also be on display on the stall throughout the day. 
  1. Any stall selling alcohol must give a Temporary Events Notice to the Forest of Dean District Council. The application can be easily made on-line.  An endorsed copy of the notice must be returned as soon as possible after your stall application has been approved. 
  1. Only silent running generators will be allowed to be used prior to and during the Fayre. 
  1. A valid fire extinguisher must be on hand for stalls selling hot food. 
  1. No goods may be offered on stalls if they are past their ‘Sell by’ date. 
  1. Livestock, including Goldfish may not be offered as prizes or sold at Newent Onion Fayre. 
  1. Stall holders must comply with any directions or instructions given by the Safety Officer or his stewards. 
  1. No vehicles are allowed within the pedestrian area after 9am Saturday morning. 
  1. At the end of the Fayre no vehicles are allowed back in until permitted by the Safety Officer at some point after 5pm.  This will be when it is deemed safe to allow vehicle movements. Please be patient! Any vehicles parked within the area of the fayre are not allowed to move until the permitted time either. 
  1. Trailing cables must be avoided where possible.  Otherwise cables must be taped down or covered so as not to be a trip hazard. 
  1. Newent Onion Fayre Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to, or remove from the Fayre, any traders failing to comply with these terms and conditions. 
  1. Newent Onion Fayre Committee does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to property or persons during the course of the Fayre, or during the setting up or dismantling of stalls. 
  1. Newent Onion Fayre Committee will not be held responsible if, for reasons beyond its control, the Fayre in any particular year or years has to be cancelled or the period of its advertised duration curtailed. If this is the case the Fayre shall retain all fees. 
  1. By applying for a stall at Newent Onion Fayre you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

To download a copy of the terms and conditions, click here